Weyergans High Care is German skin care kit developed by Doctor Rudolf Weyergans in cooperation with his international team. Weyergans High Care is more than just beauty, it is comprehensive wellbeing both externally and internally.

Medically developed and tested High Care products are astonishing with their results. The products contain very little perfume and preservatives and are well suited for odor allergic and sensitive skin.

High quality product range covers the whole body skin care needs and guarantees results in beauty salons and home care.

The innovative Weyergans-methods are based on the years of research and development. The German patented High Care treatments and equipment are ISO / EN 9001 and ISO 46001 certified. High Care methods for cellulite, loose connective tissue and swelling uses the latest medical technology and the latest scientific research results.

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Mia Höytö natural cosmetic products have received inspiration from love for Finland and its pure nature. High quality and pampering products are manufactured in Helsinki with the best Finnish professionals.

Beautiful products delight both, yourself and as a gift. Their cherish, clean raw materials guarantees quality skin care for even demanding customer.

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