Friends Essi Syyrakki and Veronika Elberg decided in summer 2017 to bring together their skills by setting up beauty salon called High Care Boulevard located in Boulevard. In the same location was Essi’s Essi Care for three years, so the facilities needed only a minor renovation and the friends dream was ready!


Essi is an esthetician and specializes in various facial and body treatments, especially in lympha treatments. More than nine years of experience with Weyergans High Care products and treatments, as well as over 10 years of experience in the field made Essi to establish her own salon when salon at Stockmann stopped working in 2014.

The effectiveness, convenience, and productiveness of the treatments have provided both the author and the customers to stay with the series. The range of high-quality, high-performance products offers a tailor-made range of treatments for every client, both at salon and at home.

End of the year 2014, Weyergans was joined by another series, Finnish natural cosmetics series Mia Höytö Cosmetics, which lovely names and products and product aesthetics made Essi to get excited about this series. So much that Essi is currently working as a master instructor of the series and is in close cooperation with Mia Höytö. From the wonderful products Essi developed two different types of treatments that are available in Essi Care salon.


Veronika is both nail and lash technician, and she has already had an incredible 14 years of experience in nail art. Continuously training both nails and lashes, Veronika became a nail trainer in 2010. High Care Boulevard also offers a variety of nail training courses. Veronika started to make lashes in 2006 and couple years after that volume lash training and at the latest lash lift, lash botox and lash lamination treatments. With these treatments you get your own lashes look beautiful, gorgeous and natural alternative to lash extensions.


Ruby is a new member of the High Care Boulevard team, she is a certified skin-therapist graduated form the London School of Beauty and Makeup. She believes that caring for your skin is crucial and extremely important for a makeup or non-makeup look. Her mission, is to provide others with the tools & knowledge for healthier skin and to bring out their natural beauty. One of her passions is to look for natural ingredients that would help nourish and hydrate the skin for a healthier appearance. Ruby offers body and facial (lympha treatments), sugaring (hair removal), classic eyelash-extensions and amongst other beauty-services.

Salon will provide also other services, which we will tell more to you when we add them to our treatment selection!

Remember to take care of yourself!